it's BandCamp Friday
it's BandCamp Friday
September 12, 2023
Don't You Forget About Me Vol 6 on YouTube
Don't You Forget About Me Vol 6 on YouTube

Video from the Don't You Forget About Me Vol 6 show is now on YouTube, thanks to the amazing work of Taperjim! Featuring bands Sgt York (me and Todd Weber doing the acoustic duo thing), Natalie M. Cortez and her crew of insanely talented folks, Larisa Bryski's band, and tons more!

Last Luna's Show is Now On YouTube

The full recording of last month's show at Luna's Cafe is now up on YouTube! Two plus hours of me, Alex Walker, and Kevin Seconds singing songs, telling stories, and being dorks. Big thanks to Maurice Turrieta for his help in getting this mixed and over the finish line.

Our last show at Luna's
April 28, 2023
Subject To Flooding Turns 21!
Subject To Flooding Turns 21!

My album "Subject To Flooding" turned 21 yesterday -- it's old enough to drink and wash away bad memories. :)

February 27, 2023
A Few Words About 7 Seconds "Walk Together Rock Together"
January 28, 2023
2022 Highlights

I'm a little later with this than I wanted to be (it's been a busy few weeks), but 2022 included some cool stuff. Off the top of my head...

By Nolan
January 1, 2023
Books Read In 2022

I only read 9 books in 2022 -- definitely need to fix that in '23. But here's what those 9 were. Everyone please read "Gamergate".

By Nolan Erck
December 17, 2022
Guest on the Cradle To the Grave Podcast

I'm a guest on the newest episode of the Cradle To The Grave Podcast along with Chip Conrad and host Erik Hanson, in which we discuss the 1974 flick "Earthquake". The episode just went up, there are links to the various platforms in the comments. Enjoy!

By Nolan
October 13, 2022
Solo show at Luna's on Friday

I'm playing a solo acoustic show with Erik Hanson and Alex Walker, Friday night Oct 14 at Luna's. It's an in-the-round show; we'll all be on stage together trading songs and stories and probably making each other laugh periodically. Both of these guys are amazing so even if I'm flat-out terrible, you're still guaranteed 67% of a great show for your money. :)