2022 Highlights


January 28, 2023

2022 Highlights

By: Nolan

I'm a little later with this than I wanted to be (it's been a busy few weeks), but 2022 included some cool stuff. Off the top of my head...

Played 2 solo acoustic shows.

Played 3 shows with Love & Honey on bass guitar.

Road trip thru the midwest to see four shows on the 7 Seconds / Circle Jerks / Negative Approach tour (Lawrence KS, St Lous MO, Milwaukee WI and Minneapolis MN).

Went on what was supposed to be another music trip to New York and DC, but the shows ended up getting canceled by Covid so it turned into just an east coast adventure with friends during which we saw various museums and musical landmarks (CBGBs, the Minor Threat house, the Dakota Building, Strawberry fields, etc).

Road trip #3 to Portland and Seattle to see 2 more 7 Seconds shows.

Spent 5 days in Chicago for Riot Fest with about 100,000 people sweating profusely and nearly passing out from dehydration.

Saw tons of shows: The Lemonheads, Touche Amore, Thursday, John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, The Psychedelic Furs, Tycho...

Spoke at conferences in Las Vegas and Houston.

Read 9 books.

Said "bye" to some toxic projects and people.

Started some rad new projects, both on the musical and techie fronts.

Hired several rad new team members.

Built a new PC gaming rig, bringing "play more video games" back for a new year resolution in 2023.  Also bought a Nintendo Switch to help with said resolution...it mostly gets used to play BurgerTime. I doubt that will change much. :)