The Stickups - "Hipster Christmas List" single

Co-write, engineer, production, guitars, bass, drum programming

Zen Arcadia - The Mayday EP

Engineer, Co-production, guitars, co-songwriting

Zen Arcadia - upcoming full length CD

Co-production, pre-production, co-songwriting, additional engineering, guitars

Ken Burnett - upcoming CD

Engineer, Mix, Co-production, bass guitar

Liz Ryder - Ghost Letters from the Sea CD

Engineer, Co-production, additional guitars

Ricky Berger / Ken Burnett - Duets 3-song CD


Ricky Berger - upcoming CD


Nolan - Subject To Flooding CD

Production, songwriting, additional mixing, vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards

Nolan - No Visible Scars CD

Production, songwriting, additional mixing, vocals, guitars, percussion

Nolan - This Is Me (3-song cassette)

Co-production, additional mixing, vocals, guitars, bass, songwriting

Los Fiascos - 3-song CD

Engineered, mixed, mastered

Brian Hanover - acoustic recordings


Willie Norton


Vanessa O'Connell - 5-song CD

Engineered, mixed, mastered

Chelsea Beauchamp

Pre-production, Engineered

The Indestructibles - sampler CD

Engineered, mixed

Joan Sarro - "Alex Chilton" MP3

Engineered, mixed, guitars

Julie Meyers - The Best Days

Pre-production, Engineered

The Kimberly Trip - "Drama at the Coffee Shop" MP3

Bass guitar, additional mixing

The Kimberly Trip - Generation Stereotype

Additional arrangements

The Kimberly Trip - "Promise Me", "Perfect BBQ"