it's BandCamp Friday

Screenshot of my discography on the BandCamp site
Today is BandCamp Friday! Do you know what that means?!
It means if you were to purchase a song or two (or the entire catalog) of an artist on the BandCamp website today, 100% of the money goes directly to the artists. BandCamp will not take a commission today.
To be fair, their usual commissions are very artist-friendly, so even on the days that they DO take a cut, it's not as annoying as other places. Still, it's super nice of BandCamp to let us songwriter types earn more money on BandCamp Fridays, yes?
I have various things for sale on BandCamp. Might I suggest starting with the song "3 Times On The Shoulder"? Folks seem to dig that one.
Thanks for listening.