Tonight at The Torch Club with Dunder Mifflin

Josh Lacey, Nolan, Joe Kojima, and Erik Hanson on stage

Left to right: Josh Lacey, me, Joe Kojima, Erik Hanson. Tonight at Torch Club. Best show I've ever had at this venue. And not just because we made enough money to pay for tacos after. Josh played lead guitar on all our songs, many of which he'd never heard before. Everyone sounded amazing. Joe is underrated as a singer, and I say that having followed his bands for many years now.

There was a pub crawl visiting when we played, everyone was wearing Dunder Mifflin tshirts. From the TV show The Office. I can't make this stuff up.

I played...

Heather Here
More Than This (Matt Nathanson)
Angela (first time played live)
Here's to Fastballs
Leave a Light On / Alex Chilton medley (7 Seconds / The Replacements)
If You See Me
You're Not Gonna Believe This

Thanks to Josh for playing on so many of our songs tonight. And to everyone for hanging out with us.