This Means Something Podcast episode

(EDIT: This had to get postponed due to illness. Original date was Aug 20 now it's on Aug 27! See you there!)

This Monday night, I’ll be a guest on the This Means Something Podcast with host Kevin Seconds! We’ll trade stories and songs amongst ourselves, and offer high praise to those kind souls joining us in the audience to scream real loud as we play our various tunes and provide other tomfoolery.

Far away friends and busy little people can tune in via the Facebook stream. Those that are local — come hang out with us! You will not find tickets to a better place to hang on a Monday night, I promise you.

Everything takes place at Riving Loom Arts, a brand new art space in downtown Sacramento — run by Kevin Seconds and his always rad wife, Allyson. The podcast is ALL AGES! Bring the family to hang out! Tho here’s your warning for younger kids: it runs from 8pm to 11pm.

There are multiple 7 Seconds references hidden in this message — see if you can spot them all! (No using the Google-interwebs to cheat!)

See you Monday night!

Monday Aug 27
This Means Something Podcast
at Riving Loom Arts
1710 Broadway, Sacramento
$2 for members, $5 for non-members

This Means Something podcast