Subject to Flooding now available for streaming and digltal download!

About a zillion years ago I/we made an album called “Subject to Flooding”. It originally came out under just the name “Nolan” (for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with now). But really the record is a bunch of people. Steve Amaral who is now in The Nickel Slots played some guitar, Garin Casaleggio (of The Jacks, and Slattern V) played drums, as did Chris Robyn of Far and now Black Map. And Victor from Deathray / Cake played some keyboards and did some drum programming and engineering magic. And several other folks did stuff too. Despite just being called “Nolan”, it really was a full room’s worth of people contributing.

Dana Gumbiner (from the amazing bands Deathray and LGS) helped me spearhead the whole thing, showed me a ton of studio amazingness, and guided my half-baked ideas into something better — as much “better” as I was capable of anyway. I really have no business calling bonafide geniuses like these guys and asking them to play on my little pop songs. Much to my surprise they did.


Nowadays the band shows are done as “Nolan & The Last Action Heroes”. Which feels much less egotistical than putting just MY name on a record (or shows) that really wouldn’t happen without the help of so many others.

Said album is now officially on Spotify for folks to stream. There are 2 differences from the real CD version:

1. The download version has 9 songs, the CD has 10. Said mystery 10th song was a cover of “The Nude” by the band Catherine Wheel. For logistical reasons this won’t be on the streaming version. (If you REALLY want the real CD with the 10th song I have a few more in storage that are available for sale, but I’m probably not pressing any more of them after these last few are gone.)

2. The streaming version is distributed under the proper band name “Nolan and the Last Action Heroes” instead of just "Nolan".

It’s also on Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, and there are more coming soon. Links are below.

Thanks for listening.

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