Songs For Years Collective, Song #6 - Left Turns

Song #6 of 44. Another low-fi iPad demo hence the guitar being up way too loud in the mix. Enjoy!


“Left Turns”

(Been making) left turns
most of my life
The ways everyone else was going
was never just quite right
(Been making) left turns
most of my days
The safest route has never
been my favorite way

Don’t care much for fake smiling
Not a fan of just a cog in the wheel
Don’t care too much for lying
Or the masses that just tell you how to feel
Less than something real

(Been making) left turns
that nobody knows
Sometimes i learned the hard way
that’s often how the story goes
(I’ve) made left turns
you’d never believe
Still got (all) my fingers and toes
like someone’s been looking out for me

If it requires fake smiling
Odds are good that I probably won’t attend
We see right thru all the liars
Trust in my gut always works out in the end
Sell out never again

(Been making) left turns
that all lead me here
Life’s got a funny way
of working itself clear
(Been making) left turns
thru most of this song
Just you, me, and my headphones
we always prove’em wrong

(That's) the chance I’m always taking
Forever always making
Left turns