Songs For Years Collective, Song #5 - Oh John

Here's song 5 of 44. I stole the title from a Jeremy Enigk song that was stuck in my head this week. And the not-at-all-vague David Bowie references just sort of happened while writing lyrics at 4am, so I left them in. Enjoy and #DavidBowieForever.

“Oh John”

Oh John
Look what you’ve done
You’ve made a fine mess
And now all that’s left
Are songs that can’t be unsung

Oh John
We tried to warn
You of the storm
Now winter is here
And it’s colder than we all feared

Oh John
Best change your name
You’ve lost the game
You’re swimming in debt
And the next path bears little relief

Oh John
Call Major Tom
Turn engines on
Take protein pills
And run backwards, fast up the hill

Oh John
Farewell my friend
This might be the end
Safe travels for you and the misses
We’ll keep you in our thoughts and our wishes