Honeypower at Chalk It Up Festival

Honeypower at Chalk It Up Festival

Pictured: Honeypower yesterday at the Chalk It Up Festival. Both Warren and I violating the “no shorts on stage” rule of rock. There’s an exception to that if it’s over 95 degrees, right?

While loading my car for the show, I sliced my left hand open pretty good…about an hour before we were supposed to play — pretty sure THAT qualifies me for an exception to the “no shorts” rule, yes?

Anyway, that was RAD! We played pretty well, we sweated a LOT, people seemed to like us, we took a few pics with people and signed the big poster with all the bands on it. Then sweated a ton more trying to load everything off stage and into our vehicles during the insane heat. By the time I sat down to lunch later, it was clear how close to heat exhaustion I’d gotten — couldn’t see straight, just started guzzling water as fast as I could.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Brangs and Skyler’s Pool were my favorite new (to me) bands of the day — must check out more of their music later on.

Thanks everyone for hanging out! Thanks to the Perry family for all their hard work, support, and just generally being amazing people. Sacramento would not be half as great without the 3 of you doing what you do.

I’m going to be making music for the rest of my life.