Happy birthday Subject to Flooding, and last minute show this weekend

In the immortal words of Kip Winger, “She’s only seventeen”…

17 years ago today my album “Subject to Flooding” album came out. We played a CD release show at The True Love Coffeehouse, still one of my favorite places to play ever. I technically worked that day before the show (at a now-long-gone dotcom) but I should have called in sick, as they mostly paid me to sit there anxiously tapping my fingers on the desk until quitting time.

Most of the album was recorded under the immensely needed guidance of one Dana Gumbiner, who put up with my complete lack of proper recording studio experience — like the champ that he is. A handful of musicians that I don’t deserve somehow said “yes” when I asked them to play on the songs. Victor Damiani (Cake, Deathray), Chris Robyn (Far, Milwaukee, Black Map), Steve Amaral (The Nickel Slots), Garin Casaleggio (David Houston, Slattern V) and others are all on various tracks. To this day that’s one of my favorite recording experiences ever.

You can buy the album (sans 1 cover song) from all the usual websites, if you feel so inclined. It’s also available for streaming on Spotify:


Coincidentally I was just asked to jump on a solo show this Saturday night at Torch Club. I’ll be splitting the bill with Erik Hanson and Joseph Kojima Gray.

Kinda considering playing the “Subject to Flooding” album front to back, I’ve never done that before. The song “Caterpillars” has literally never been played live ever. This might be fun, or more trouble than it’s worth at the 11th hour. Come join us if you can and see if I chicken out. :)


w/ Erik Hanson and Joe Kojima Gray
Saturday April 27
at The Torch Club
904 15th Street
5:30 - 7 (Early show!)

Clubs like to change their minds on things like start times and ticket prices, call the venue to confirm you have the correct info.