Happy Birthday, Lori Herbst!


February 08, 2022

Happy Birthday, Lori Herbst!

By: Nolan Erck

Today is Lori Herbst's birthday. Do you know Lori? You really should. In addition to being one of the nicest humans ever, Lori is an incredible artist. If you've attended any punk festivals, horror-movie-comic-cons, or similar events you've likely seen Lori and/or her collection of art being displayed and sold.

Last year Lori's husband Chris Shary and I conspired to make a birthday video for Lori's big five-oh, since nobody could get together to celebrate in person (stupid pandemic). It's got a bunch of Lori's friends and family in it, which include several punk rock and comic/art/illustration folks that you might recognize.

The pandemic is still going (wear your masks, people!) but fortunately Lori is still rad. So here's the video again for your viewing pleasure.

Happy birthday, Lori!

(Incidentally, her husband Chris is a pretty stellar artist as well...and we made a b-day video for him as well.)